About us

The Interfaith Council of Peel is led by a small steering committee to consider matters with the vision and mission that merit ICP engagement.  Members include Faith Leaders, Authorized Representatives, and Service Providers representing places of worship, associations, and agencies with a mandate to service Peel residents.

The ICP chair is Rabbi Audrey Pollack of  Solel Synagogue.

Our Vision is to build an inclusive community,  becoming a community of spiritual neighbours in the Region of Peel, where people of all faiths co-operate based on the shared values of peace, compassion, social justice, equity, and service.

Our Mission

  • to build an inclusive and co-operative interfaith community in the Region of Peel by openly and respectfully exchanging information regarding core values and developments in each faith community, and defining the values we share as a community of faith communities.
  • through dialogue and initiatives, to advocate, establish and promote common ground for people of all faiths in Peel Region to engage in common works that embody our shared values.
  • to partner with public, not-for-profit or other community service providers in projects consistent with our shared values aimed at enhancing, among others, service delivery models of care for families, children, youth , seniors and newcomers in Peel Region.